GanWest: Professional Services


We provide clinical supervision to therapists and counsellors working with both groups and individuals, either on a one-to-one basis or in clinical supervision groups.

Balint Groups

Are you a Health Care Practitioner or Manager working therapeutically with individuals or groups?

GanWest is offering a one year course of twenty fortnightly, one and a half hour sessions. These groups will focus on working for change in client, staff, supervisee and work groups, and teams within an organisational setting.

The aim of the course is to enable participants to develop those capacities that foster the relationship between the professional and his/her clients through which growth and change may take place. Members take it in turn to present a detailed account of their work, to which the group then responds by exploring what surfaces amongst themselves. The presenter then has an opportunity to reflect on the group's responses. There will be two presentations per session.

Professional Development Groups

This group runs for five sessions per term and is for professionals wanting to improve their performance and satisfaction at work through development of a greater understanding of the role that groups play. It may be particularly appropriate for anyone who is:

This group will help you at work by:

CPD group for teachers

This group runs fortnightly and is for those working in an educational setting wanting to increase their understanding of group dynamics and the role this plays in their work, thus improving their performance and satisfaction at work.

Reflective Practice Groups

Reflective Practice Groups support staff teams wanting to think about the impact of their work and the workplace on individual members and the team-as-a-whole and how the relationships between members of the team affect the work.

Through exploring current work related issues in a reflective practice group, new ways of communicating and relating can be triad out and developed before, if appropriate, taking them into the wider work setting.

The Group Analytic Network (West) can provide reflective practice groups for staff teams (e.g. residential workers, hospital ward staff, social workers) and clinical practitioners, (e.g. arts and psychotherapy teams), at their place of work.